Matthew & Lauren Pavlich

"Firstly - we love it!! So happy with how its come up and couldn’t stop looking at it last night. A job well done mate!! Secondly - thanks for your patience with a few last minute requests and overall your brilliant work. 

It has been really cool to see how it looks with all the different light scenarios we have had over the past few days since it has been hung. 

The overcast weather really brought out a stormy element to the piece which was really cool and then the lighter sunshine makes more of the texture and colour variance visible. 

We couldn't be happier with it! Thanks for doing such an incredible job and being so kind and patient with all our input."


Davide & Sally Lethbridge

"I asked Dave to create for me a painting that represented my family and in particular my husband, Davide. Davide is from Milan and so Dave started his canvas with a sketch of the “Duomo Cathedral”. 

Dave knows the story of how we met and so he incorporated bits and pieces of our story onto the canvas. His magical creation reminds of us how lucky we were to find each other. Every time I look at at it hanging in our bedroom it makes me happy. Thanks Dave!!"


Dylan & Ascher Lindsay

"From the first time I saw Spencer's art i was speechless. I remember the day I fell in love with our first piece of Davids art "Luv Deluxe". Hanging in an exhibition down south, I took a photo of it and sent it to my husband saying how much I loved it. A few years later it was hand delivered by David, and now hangs on the wall in our new house and to this day it remains my favourite piece of art we own.

His art is so vibrant, emotional and dramatic. Each unique piece has this energy to it with the use of his bright colours, patterns and symbols.

We own several pieces of David's art & prints and each is completely different to the next showing he paints a story from his heart, with a new vision and emotion every time making each piece so unique."


James Legge

"As a proud owner of several of his works, I have followed David’s career for over 15 years now, and have been super impressed with his level of creativity, passion and love for his art. I'm looking forward to where he takes us next!"


Ruth Phelps

"We enjoy David’s bright, colourful & modern art work on our balcony wall and appreciate the time given to make the work reflect our ideas."


Stephen Kite

"I recently commissioned David Spencer to paint something , it was quickly apparent to me that he has great ideas. And that he has great execution. And a great capacity to engage with people. And he is open to any of your great ideas, and to share a beer in his studio while you discuss it, which feels great. This combines to make the process great, and importantly the outcomes great. You should choose Dave to create something for you, because it will be great art.”

[Oxford Dictionary] ‘Great’: 

·         Adjective: of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average

·         Adjective: of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above average

“Great art picks up where nature ends.”  Marc Chagall

“Great Art is Great because it inspired you greatly. If it didn’t, no matter what the critics, the museums and the galleries say, it’s not great art for you.” Yoko Ono

“Any great art is mean to illuminate the human condition.” Sterling K. Brown

“Magic touches people in the way that great art does. It lets them see the world with new eyes.” Drummond Money-Coutts

“Great art is the contempt of a great man for small art.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

“The message of great art is to disturb.” Elayne Boosler


Mark Ralph

"We love our Spencer, "Always with you". It fills the central atrium of our house with a warm glow and a positive radiance. Walking past it we never fail to focus on a new aspect.

We appreciate the time David took to make sure the our family, the painting and its new location were really suited for each other. We couldn't be happier."


Circle Foundation for the Arts (CFA)

"David Spencer is in the top 100 artists for the remarkable aesthetic, technical and creative standard of his work."


Miriam Clancy

 "I met David about twelve or more years ago. He gifted me then with a lovely piece of art he had done while still at school in the 1990’s and I have followed his work ever since, longing to buy some. He has been commissioned by Industry and by individuals due to his complex design work, movement and textures he achieves. Each piece is a wonderful statement and body of work.

I was immediately drawn to the extraordinary colours and textures he manages to achieve with his work, and his passion. His work resonates with colour and life, his textures and designs are amazing. The recent exhibition at Robert Oatley vineyard illustrates David’s journey with his work, and his transition into other genre’s.

I was lucky enough to purchase some of his artwork recently. David organised its delivery. It was packaged securely and arrived safely within a few days – this to me was no mean feat given it was from Perth to Sydney. David followed the paintings journeys to ensure they arrived, keeping in touch with me.

Choosing pieces was difficult as his work is so beautiful. David helped in my decision making by talking about where the picture might hang, and on what surface, surrounding colour scheme etc. He also spoke about each of the pieces I really liked and told the story behind each of them which enabled me to make an considered, informed choice, finding the pieces that resonated with me.

I love the exquisite colour and energy in David’s paintings. They always capture his important and memorable moments and include such warmth and colour through his use of turquoise blue, oranges, reds and greens. The colour and design of these wonderful contemporary works just jump off the canvas at you. They always seem filled with light, energy and warmth somehow.

David’s use of colour is second to none. Colours are often reflective of the WA landscapes in which he paints, lives and loves. Colours reflective of the sea and sky, or of the city, of beautiful summers days, memories, and of the dessert illustrating the beauty of its flora and landscape. David is a wonderful contemporary and evocative artist, using his great technical, artistic skills to layer the palate and fill you with desire to own at least one of his works."


Linda Wright

"I have been a long time fan of David Spencer's art so went along to one of his showings at hayshed hill winery. Of course the piece I was interested in was sold. So after consultation with David on what I was actually looking for, he created for me my own individual piece of art.

Titled "Family" he captured the very essence of what I had envisaged. The warmth and vibrancy of colours was amazing. Every time I would look at this piece I would find something new which epitomised for me the growth of my sons. Always changing and evolving.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You nailed it!"