Blogging on my paintings

"Finders and keepers"


I was painting away in my studio when the beautiful song, "Finders and keepers" by Felicity Groom popped up on my stereo. I totally love this track and especially the video clip for it.

All the colours serendipitously reflected the movement and happiness in the clip and inspired the direction of the painting. I love how music harmoniously marriages with art. It's a great relationship.

It makes you just want to grab some mates, go in the sunshine, have a laugh and reminisce about old times.

Which the clip below. So good!

"Finders and keepers" 2017 [Redux]
Mixed media on canvas
120cm x 180cm

"Blue line" Aloft painting



19 hours over 2 days (and 7 coffees) saw me get through this mighty big and detailed painting at the new Aloft Hotel in Perth. Shoulder was sore, but I'm immensely proud of the finished painting

"Blue line" 2017
Acrylic paint on brushed concrete wall
350cm x 600cm
MURAL / location

ALOFT painting from David Spencer on Vimeo.

Morning in Madrid


I remember waking up on a hostel roof top in Spain. The hostel was full, so the manager let us sleep on the roof for free. It was a great view of Madrid. I sat up there with a mate I was travelling with, laughing. Drinking wine. We had to get up early to walk to the bus station the next morning.

I love Europe in the morning. It's wonderfully quiet and empty. You can really absorb the world around you without distraction.

It wasn't a long walk, but one I'll never forget.

"Morning in Madrid" 2017
Mixed media on board
120cm x 120cm



Commissioned for Xanadu Wines for their commemorative wines box celebrating 40 year birthday.

I imagined the Southern West Australian landscape around Margaret River, a place I've stayed many times. It's hard to visually recreate that feeling when you've unpacked your gear and you're sitting on the balcony with your friends with a glass of wine, seconds away from that wonderful sigh.

So I took focus on the landscape, which is always colourful and moves in a relaxing rhythm. I wanted it to be bright and happy with lots of colour and texture. When the cork is popped, I wanted people to pick up the commemorative box. Take in the painting and enjoy a marriage of art and fine wine.

"Joy" 2017
Mixed media on canvas
31cm x 41cm