Blogging on my paintings

"Harbourside or thereabouts"


My painting views Fremantle from the sky. An abstract geographic road map of things and places that stand out to me when I slowly walk along the historical streets. For me a place is home when you walk down the road and bump into mates. Fremantle has always been that for me and has engrained it’s friendly, cosmopolitan personality upon me.

The things I find beautiful about Fremantle is the link to the past throughout the West End. Like travelling through old towns in Europe, Fremantle opens its century old stories with every step. With age comes decay and layers of texture and wear. Yet there’s also been a deserving turn of the tide where investment, restoration, repurpose, reinvigoration and pride has our working port growing into a modern, progressive city.

It’s an exciting time, an exciting time to be a Fremantle artist and it’s a great place to have a beer and watch the footy!

"Harbourside of thereabouts" 2017
Mixed media on canvas
90cm x 120cm
Commission for Kings Square redevelopment / Sirona Capital



"The last few years have tested me, and I pray that I have passed. At being a father no matter the weight I once carried. I will find the answer from my children in years to come, in their quietest moments.
Today is a new day. I am proud of this
grafted shelter; the fresh start it affords us. The warm morning light pours in through clear windows. The trees overhanging cast no shadows. My family together, our vigour renewed, at the dawn."

"Shelter" 2017
Mixed media on canvas
150cm x 200cm



I remember spending a New Year's down in Albany at a friends house many, many years ago. It was a fun long night and the morning ended with us a climbing up a small mountain.

It was a great adventure and one that resulted in a scar on my left shoulder that is still clear to this day.

I made up the board from two pieces of disused wood panels. I liked the bottom as is, so decided to leave it. I liked it enough, but I also wanted to show the viewer the marks and drips of a painting during it's creation.

"Gibraltar rock" 2017 (Redux)
Mixed media on board
90cm x 90cm

"I've been here before"


I'm trying to 'un-paint'. I'm trying to find that section of my brain that doesn't govern my ideas and techniques. Trying to let go if you know what I mean.

It may have been difficult at times, but the entire paining was fun and energetic. I didn't stop or dwell on anything. I just went for it with free will keeping me positive.

"I've been here before" 2017
Mixed media on canvas
152cm x 202cm (diptych)