Blogging on my paintings



Commissioned for Xanadu Wines for their commemorative wines box celebrating 40 year birthday. I imagined the Southern West Australian landscape around Margaret River. The brief was to be colourful and I think I hit the wine cork on the head! Cheers!

"Joy" 2017
Mixed media on canvas
31cm x 41cm



I took inspiration from all the lines and fences in the clients photos of their favourite holiday locations. More importantly, the idea that you see all these views through different windows. Hence all the lines and boxes throughout the painting.

"Windows" 2017
Mixed media on canvas
100cm x 150cm

"Red harvest"


Plough In poster

Commission for the Otherside Brewing Co for a special edition beer can. I imagined an Australian landscape with a changing red sun growling across yellow fields. Tracks made from ploughs carving into the dirt. Where the only break in the festival of ochres comes from a distant strip of water.

"Red harvest" 2017
Mixed media on board
40cm x 60cm

"All of us"


"All of us" 2017
Mixed media on canvas
150cm x 200cm